Deepika Padukone Unveils Her Cop Avatar in Singham Again, and Bollywood Stars React

Deepika Padukone

Bollywood sensation Deepika Padukone has set social media on fire with her first look as Shakti Shetty in Rohit Shetty’s much-anticipated film, “Singham Again.” The actress took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal her fierce cop character, leaving fans and fellow celebrities in awe. In this blog, we’ll delve into Deepika’s electrifying appearance and the reactions it garnered from the likes of Ranveer Singh, Janhvi Kapoor, and Alia Bhatt.

The Unveiling of Shakti Shetty

Deepika Padukone, known for her versatile roles, is all set to make a groundbreaking entry into Rohit Shetty’s cop universe with “Singham Again.” Her character, Shakti Shetty, promises to be a game-changer in the male-dominated world of daredevil cops. Deepika’s Instagram post featured two striking photos showcasing her in a cop uniform, holding a gun.

In the first image, a bloodied Deepika is seen with a man whose hair she grips while holding a revolver near his mouth. The intense scene is set against a backdrop of chaos, with burning buildings and scattered bodies. The second photo captures Deepika’s intense gaze as she holds the pistol close to her face, exuding a sense of unyielding determination.

Celeb Reactions

Deepika’s fierce avatar in “Singham Again” had her husband, Ranveer Singh, applauding her in the comments. He wrote, “Aag laga degi (She will burn it down),” along with a string of fire emojis, signifying his admiration for her electrifying presence. Janhvi Kapoor, too, couldn’t contain her excitement and left a trail of exploding head and fire emojis in response to Deepika’s post. Alia Bhatt joined the chorus of praise with her own set of fire emojis.

Deepika’s Pivotal Role

The revelation of Deepika Padukone’s character as the first female cop in the Rohit Shetty Universe is a groundbreaking moment in Indian cinema. A source revealed that Deepika’s role in “Singham Again” is more than just a cameo; it’s an extended appearance that requires her to dedicate 35-40 days to the project. Her character is described as a “Lady Singham” and is expected to have a significant impact on the film’s narrative, possibly as Ajay Devgn’s sister.

About “Singham Again”

Director Rohit Shetty, known for creating the iconic cop universe with films like “Singham,” “Simmba,” and “Sooryavanshi,” is breaking new ground by introducing a female cop into his cinematic world. These films have been headlined by stars like Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh, and Akshay Kumar, portraying fearless and heroic cops. Deepika Padukone’s entry as Shakti Shetty promises to be a thrilling addition to the franchise.

With Deepika Padukone’s electrifying presence in “Singham Again,” Bollywood fans can look forward to an action-packed and trailblazing addition to the Rohit Shetty Universe. As the first female cop, Deepika is poised to shatter stereotypes and create a new benchmark for women in Indian cinema. We can’t wait to see her in action!