Emma Heming Willis Opens Up About Bruce Willis’ Frontotemporal Dementia Diagnosis

Emma Heming Willis, Bruce Willis

In a heartfelt admission, Emma Heming Willis discusses her husband Bruce Willis’ frontotemporal dementia diagnosis and the absence of a cure, during World FTD Awareness Week.

Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma, has been actively raising awareness about the devastating impact of frontotemporal dementia since her husband’s diagnosis. In a video posted on Instagram, she shares her passion for the cause and the challenges associated with the disease.

Emma’s message resonates as she underscores the lack of a cure for frontotemporal dementia and offers support to others facing similar struggles.

Frontotemporal dementia, often abbreviated as FTD, affects the brain’s frontal and temporal lobes, and as of today, there is no known cure or single treatment for this condition. Emma’s dedication to the FTD community serves as a source of understanding and hope for families coping with this challenging disease.


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