Key News Highlights: H-1B Visa Reform, Kim Jong Un’s Russia Visit, Taiwan’s Defense, and More

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  1. Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican US presidential aspirant, has criticized the H-1B visa program as “indentured servitude” and pledged to reform it if elected. He wants to replace the lottery-based system with meritocratic admission. This has sparked controversy, given the visa’s popularity among Indian IT professionals.
  2. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia focused on military cooperation and raised concerns about weapons deals amid the Ukraine conflict. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov signaled continued cooperation with North Korea despite UN sanctions.
  3. Taiwan reported the detection of 103 Chinese warplanes around the island, with 40 crossing the symbolic median line. Taiwan urged China to stop “destructive” military activities, emphasizing the need for regional peace and stability.
  4. Fourteen people died in a plane crash in Brazil’s Amazon due to heavy rainfall and poor visibility. The pilot’s misjudgment of the landing route led to the tragic accident.
  5. Russia and Ukraine are set to face off at the International Court of Justice over claims related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia justifies its invasion as preventing alleged genocide, while Ukraine disputes these claims and challenges Russia’s jurisdiction.
  6. Elon Musk humorously responded to the controversy surrounding “alien” mummies from Mexico, suggesting they were actually cakes in a spoof video. The mummies’ authenticity has been questioned, with experts examining DNA evidence.
  7. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government is promoting the idea that spies are everywhere, targeting universities and the general public. This campaign aims to unite citizens against perceived foreign threats but raises concerns about mistrust and social cohesion. The Ministry of State Security has become more visible on social media, emphasizing national security. Misplaced suspicion of foreigners may hinder China’s efforts to attract investors and promote the private sector.


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