Kristin Chenoweth Defends Lady Gaga Against ‘Wicked’ Diss – Broadway Icons Unite!

Kristin Chenoweth Defends Lady Gaga

A backstage drama unfolds as Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth passionately defends Lady Gaga against a ‘Wicked’ diss from “Bachelor” alum Carly Waddell. The drama began when Waddell labeled Gaga as “so extra” for belting out tunes from the hit musical during their college days. Chenoweth, known for her role in ‘Wicked,’ rushed to Gaga’s defense on social media, expressing her readiness to sing “FOR GOOD” with the pop sensation.

  1. Chenoweth’s Swift Defense: Kristin Chenoweth, who starred in ‘Wicked’ alongside Idina Menzel, quickly came to Lady Gaga’s defense on X (formerly Twitter), inviting her to sing the show’s iconic ballad “FOR GOOD.”
  2. Gaga’s ‘Wicked’ Past: Bachelor alum Carly Waddell revealed that Gaga, during her NYU days from 2003 to 2005, would passionately sing ‘Wicked’ tunes every day in a dance studio, a habit that annoyed Waddell. Despite the irritation, Waddell acknowledged Gaga’s talent.
  3. Chenoweth’s Previous Praise: This isn’t the first time Chenoweth has lauded Gaga. In 2021, the Tony Award winner complimented Gaga’s vocals during an interview for the Apple TV+ musical comedy series “Schmigadoon!”
  4. Waddell’s Claims: Waddell shared anecdotes of Gaga’s daily ‘Wicked’ performances and colorful outfits, emphasizing the pop star’s talent but expressing annoyance at the persistent singing.
  5. Gaga’s Rise to Stardom: Waddell admitted that, back in their college days, Gaga didn’t stand out from other students. However, she acknowledged that Gaga’s current status is undoubtedly “above.”

The clash between Lady Gaga and Carly Waddell over Gaga’s ‘Wicked’ performances in college has sparked a Broadway showdown, with Kristin Chenoweth firmly standing by Gaga’s side. As the drama unfolds, Broadway enthusiasts are intrigued by the backstage tales from Gaga’s college days and the unwavering support she receives from the Broadway community. Stay tuned as the saga continues, and Gaga’s response remains eagerly awaited.