Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Yom Kippur Greeting Blunder Sparks Controversy

Marjorie Taylor Greene

In a now-deleted tweet, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene mistakenly sends out a Yom Kippur greeting with incorrect imagery, leaving the Jewish community offended once again.

In her initial message, she extended wishes for a meaningful fast on Yom Kippur with the words, “Gamar Chasima Tova!” However, accompanying her message was an image of a Shofar placed in front of a Chanukah menorah, a clear mix-up of Jewish symbols. The tweet was swiftly deleted, and a new one was posted without the imagery.

Although she rectified her error promptly, this incident serves as a reminder of her previous insults to the Jewish community. In March, she faced criticism for her message on Purim, which seemed insincere given her history of making antisemitic statements, such as the infamous “space lasers” remark.

This latest misstep didn’t go unnoticed, with one individual responding, “Nice try, but too late. You already showed the people your true colors.” Others couldn’t help but reference her past controversies, making it challenging for her holiday greetings to be taken at face value.

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