Cricket and More: Los Angeles 2028 Olympics Set to Redefine Sports

Los Angeles 2028 Olympics

The 2028 Los Angeles Olympics are making headlines as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has given the green light to include cricket and four other sports in the event. In a historic decision, cricket will make a comeback to the Olympics after a long hiatus, accompanied by baseball/softball, flag football, lacrosse, and squash. This monumental development not only elevates the significance of these sports but also promises a new era for Olympic participation.

Cricket Takes Center Stage

Cricket enthusiasts worldwide have reason to rejoice, as the beloved sport officially returns to the Olympic stage in Twenty20 format. Both men and women’s teams will partake in this exciting addition to the 2028 Olympics. It’s important to note that cricket’s journey to the Olympics has been a lengthy one, with its last appearance dating back to 1900, involving only two teams. This time, however, cricket is set to make a grand comeback on the global sporting platform.

Nita Ambani, a proud Indian and member of the IOC, expressed her delight at the inclusion of cricket in the Los Angeles Olympics. She emphasized the potential for cricket to capture the interest of new audiences and regions, spreading the Olympic movement across previously unexplored territories. The enthusiasm surrounding cricket’s return is palpable, and this sport is poised to take center stage in 2028.

Wide-ranging Impact

Beyond the joy of cricket enthusiasts, this decision also holds profound implications for the world of sports. Janet Evans, LA28 Chief Athlete Officer, shared her optimism about how this inclusion would inspire athletes to pursue their Olympic dreams. She emphasized that athletes participating in the Games would become an essential part of the LA28 Games’ shared story, and their journeys would transform lives.

Greg Barclay, Chair of the International Cricket Council (ICC), lauded this long-awaited opportunity to showcase cricket and its talented athletes at the LA28 Games. This is an exciting prospect, not only for cricket but for the entire Olympic community, as it introduces countless new fans to the sport.

India’s Key Role

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) played a pivotal role in securing cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics. Jay Shah, BCCI Secretary, was part of the ICC Olympics Working Group, advocating for cricket’s participation in various multi-sport events. Their efforts have been integral in promoting cricket’s Olympic presence, aligning with India’s vision to host the 2036 Olympics.

According to Shah, this momentous occasion will open new horizons for cricket, providing unparalleled exposure in untapped global markets. The decision is expected to yield substantial financial returns, enhance infrastructure, intensify competition, promote youth development, and create opportunities for officials, volunteers, and skilled professionals.

A Global Celebration

The IOC’s landmark decision has garnered praise from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who welcomed the inclusion of not only cricket but also baseball/softball, flag football, lacrosse, and squash. The addition of these sports reflects the growing global popularity of these disciplines and promises a diverse and inclusive 2028 Olympics.

The 2028 Los Angeles Olympics are shaping up to be a celebration of diversity, with the reintroduction of cricket and the debut of four exciting sports. This historic move will not only captivate sports enthusiasts but also pave the way for a brighter future for these sports and the athletes who represent them on the world’s biggest stage. As the countdown to 2028 begins, the world eagerly anticipates the new era of sporting excellence.


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