Preserving Earth's Ozone: A Sustainable Future on World Ozone Day 2023

By : SS Latest News

World Ozone Day on September 16th, highlighting ozone layer protection.

Ozone layer shields from UV radiation, located 10-30 km above Earth.

Ozone hole discovery in the 1980s led to the Montreal Protocol in 1987.

The Montreal Protocol is a global agreement to phase out harmful substances, benefiting the ozone layer and reducing emissions.

Positive ozone layer recovery progress reported, expected to return to 1980 levels by 2066.

Challenges in compliance and a complex link between climate change and the ozone layer.

Bridging the ozone gap involves strengthening regulations, adopting eco-friendly alternatives.

Raising awareness through educational initiatives, global cooperation, and ozone-friendly technologies.

Beyond ozone, Earth faces interconnected challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, and land degradation, requiring comprehensive solutions.

Reforestation as a solution to combat climate change, utilizing forests as natural carbon sinks.

Urgent global action is essential, urging individuals to take responsibility for a sustainable future.