Hyderabad's Night of Wonders: The Final Lunar Eclipse of the Year

By: SS Latest News

Celestial Excitement in Hyderabad: The city's skywatchers are eagerly awaiting the final lunar eclipse of the year, set to paint the night sky with wonder.

Mark Your Calendar: On the night of October 28, a celestial show will begin at 11:31 pm, reaching its peak at 1:08 am on October 29, and ending at 3:56 am.

Cloudy Anticipation: With a 54% cloud cover expected, Hyderabad residents are hoping for clear glimpses of the lunar eclipse's magic.

Double Celestial Delight: October also brought a solar eclipse, but sadly, it wasn't visible from India, leaving sky enthusiasts in awe of the lunar eclipse.

Partial Lunar Eclipse: This lunar event will be a partial eclipse, casting a captivating shadow on a portion of the moon, creating a stunning visual treat.

Stay Up Late: To catch this cosmic spectacle, you'll need to stay up late, but it promises to be a mesmerizing experience for all who look to the skies.