World News: Floods, G-20, Airlines, UFOs, Hunger, Democracy

By SS Latest News

Libya Flood Tragedy: Devastating floods in Libya, primarily in Derna, have resulted in a high death toll, with estimates suggesting it could be even higher.

G-20 Summit Spectacle: The G-20 Summit in New Delhi was dominated by Prime Minister Modi's pervasive presence, attracting attention from international delegates.

Pakistan Airlines' Financial Struggles: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is facing financial difficulties, seeking urgent government aid to stay afloat.

NASA's UFO Study: NASA's briefing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) drew attention, and questions arose about "non-human" corpses displayed in Mexico.

Global Hunger Crisis: More than 700 million people worldwide face uncertainty about their next meal, with rising demand for food and dwindling humanitarian funding.

Democracy's Role in Sustainable Development: On International Day of Democracy, the role of democracy in achieving sustainable development was emphasized, highlighting its significance beyond elections.

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